Elevate your grooming routine with our latest services designed for the modern gentleman. Our treatments have been refined and tailored to better suit your individual needs.

Discover "The Ace of Fades," where expert scissor work meets precise clipper cutting to produce that sharp, seemingly blended skin fade. Our expert barbers will dedicate additional time to focus specifically on this process . This will be paired with our accustomed eyebrow trimming, ear flaming, hot towel, and a revitalising arms and shoulders massage.
If you want to top this up with a beard trim, we have curated "The Full House Fade," featuring our iconic skin fade with the addition of a beard trim or shave, which is rounded with our complimentary services.
For those seeking a quick, stylish cut, that requires a single grade clipper cut, we have put together the “Clip off the Block," (The Classic Buzz Cut) a tailored clipper service ranging from grade 0 to 4.
If you are looking to pair your short style with a crafted beard or wet shave, indulge in "Block ‘n’ Beard," offering a clipper-only cut with precise beard shaping or a clean shave, followed by a relaxing hot towel treatment, ear-flaming and shoulders and arms massage.
While you can enjoy these core treatments at any of our locations, indulge in something new for a special occasion or simply to pamper yourself to the next level.
At Mortimer Street you can experience our latest next level service "Ted's Facial Finesse”, a retreat for tired-looking skin for a vibrant London life. We have created a space for you to finally be able to start taking proper care of your face and skin in a relaxed atmosphere with a top technician. This bespoke facial gently cleanses the pores and exfoliates away dead skin cells, which helps renew skin cells by enhancing blood flow beneath the surface, removes the dirt and toxins that build up daily and a massage will reduce any puffiness to leave you with a radiant complexion. Improved circulation also brings vital oxygen, proteins, and nutrients to the skin while eliminating toxins. Overall, this treatment rejuvenates and nourishes the skin making it healthier and looking younger. You can also combine our exclusive facial treatment with a manicure service for the ultimate grooming package, available only at our Mortimer Street store.

Stay sharp and stay stylish!

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